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Pool Design

 Every client will receive a CAD drawing of the new swimming pool before we begin construction. These incredibly accurate renderings allow you to see all the elements and measurements of your pool design integrated with your home. At this stage you are welcome to make changes and additions. 

Pool Layout
The layout stage is the first step in the construction process. Here we use the engineered drawing to layout form boards in the exact shape of your new swimming pool, this provides just a small glimpse of what your new swimming pool will look like in a very short time.

The excavation phase starts with us removing the grass, dirt and any rocks inside the form boards with extreme precision. This is when your new All American Pool starts to really take shape.

Steel Rebar Installation
Steel rebar is used to form, shape and strengthen the structure of your new swimming pool. Proper steel rebar installation is the framework to achieve the highest structural integrity.

Plumbing and Electric
We meticulously install all the plumbing and electrical components. All plumbing is pressure tested and the electric meets or exceeds all necessary city or state codes.

A team of highly experienced craftsman apply the gunite using an extremely high pressure hose to create your lifetime All American Swimming Pool shell. This stage is really exiting to watch, the gunite is installed and carefully worked to form your new dream pool.

Tile & Coping
Your choice of waterline tile is installed with extreme precision around the perimeter of your new pool and spa and even on the deck steps if you choose. The pool coping is a very special craft and our installers are the best in the business. We meticulously install the coping as this outlines the shape of your new swimming pool.

Pool Deck
At All American Swimming Pools we believe the deck is a very important part of the design process and we make sure you have plenty of space for that family get together, birthday party or a night out by the pool with your family just cooking on the grill. We have and endless selection colors, styles and types decking to choose from.

Interior Finish
Applying the interior finish to your pool is when you really get to see how beautiful pool really is. This stage of construction is very important that’s why we have the best plaster installers on every single pool we build or remodel. All American Pools is a certified Pebble Tec installer so you can be certain every pool has an exceptional finish.